Sri Sathya Sai Suprabhatam

Su' means good, auspicious and 'Prabhath' means morning.


'Suprabhatam' refers to the prayers that are sung at dawn in praise of the Lord to awaken the divinity present within each one. It is the act of dedicating oneself to the Lord and praying for His blessings right at the start of a new day.


Come one come all, let us sing together and wake up the lord within each one and spend the day in HIS thoughts.


īśvarāmbāsutah śreeman poorvā sandhyā pravartatē uttiṣṭha satya sāyeeśā kartavyam daivamāhnikam


O auspicious Son of Easwaramba! In the east, the dawn is heralding. Arise O Lord Sathya Sai Thy divine duties await.

uttiṣṭhōttiṣṭha parteeśa uttiṣṭha jagateepatē

uttiṣṭha karuṇāpoorṇa loka mangaḷa siddhayē


Arise, Arise, O Lord of Parthi! Arise O Lord of all worlds . Arise O Embodiment of Compassion To bestow on the world all auspiciousness.


chitrāvatee taṭa viṣāla suśānta saudhē

tiṣṭhanti sēvaka janās tava darśanārtham

āditya kāntiranubhāti samastalōkān

śree satya sāyi bhagavan tava suprabhātam


On the banks of Chitravati, at the vast and serene abode, the servitors are waiting for Thy Darshan

The radiance of the Sun is illumining all the Worlds

O, Lord Sathya Sai! Morning salutations unto Thee!

tvannāma keertana ratās tava divya nāma

gāyanti bhakti rasa pāna prahṛṣṭa chittāha

dātum kṛpāsahita darśanamāśu tēbhyaha

śree satya sāyi bhagavan tava suprabhātam

Those that rejoice in singing Thy divine name. They sing with delightful hearts saturated with the nectar of love Confer upon them, along with Thy grace Thy Darshan quickly O Lord Sathya Sai! Morning salutations unto Thee!


ādāya divya kusumāni manōharāṇi

śreepāda poojana vidhim bhavadanghrimoolē

kartum mahōtsukatayā praviśanti bhaktāha

śree satya sāyi bhagavan tava suprabhātam


Bringing enchanting holy flowers for worshipping Thy Feet, as prescribed by the scriptures Thy devotees are coming in with great yearning and enthusiasm O Lord Sathya Sai! Morning salutations unto Thee!


dēśāntarāgata budhās tava divyamoortim sandarśanābhirati samyuta chittavṛtyā

vēdōktamantra paṭhanēna lasantyajasram

śree satya sāyi bhagavan tava suprabhātam


Wise persons from distant countries moved by the yearning to behold Thy holy form Are taking delight in constantly chanting mantras from the Vedas O Lord Sathya Sai! Morning salutations unto Thee!


śrutvā tavādbhuta charitram akhaṇḍakeertim

vyāptām digantara viśāla dharātalēsmin

jignāsulōka upatiṣṭhati chāśramēsmin

śree satya sāyi bhagavan tava suprabhātam


Hearing the marvellous tales of Thy life and of Thy boundless fame that has spread wide in all directions on this Earth earnest seeker of Reality have come to this Ashram and are waiting O Lord Sathya Sai! Morning salutations unto Thee!


seetā satee sama viśuddha hṛdambujātāha bahvanganāh karagṛheeta supuṣpahārāha

stunvanti divya nutibhi(f) phaṇibhooṣaṇam tvām

śree satya sāyi bhagavan tava suprabhātam


Equal in chastity to Mother Sita, with hearts as pure as the lotus Women, carrying in their hand's beautiful garlands of flowers Are singing Thy glory, O Lord who is adorned with serpents (Lord Shiva) O Lord Sathya Sai! Morning salutations unto Thee!


suprabhātam idam puṇyam yē paṭhanti dinē dinē

tē viśanti parandhāma gnāna vignāna śōbhitāhā


This sacred morning hymn those that singeth everyday Will attain the abode supreme radiant with knowledge and wisdom.


mangaḷam gurudēvāya mangaḷam gnānadāyinē mangaḷam partivāsāya mangaḷam satya sāyinē


May the divine Guru be auspicious to us May the Bestower of wisdom be auspicious to us May the Lord, Who manifested in Parthi be auspicious to us May Sathya Sai be auspicious to us.

Sri Sai Gayatri Mantra

Join us for the Global Well Being, collective prayers.


The following can be chanted

1. 21 times AUM chanting

2. 108 times Sai Gayathri

3. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai singing bhajans.


Aum Saayeeshvaraaya Vidhmahe

Sathya Devaaya Dheemahi

Thannah Sarvah Prachodayaath


We know Sri Sathya Sai as supreme divinity incarnate. We meditate on this God of Truth.

May this Almighty Personality Lead us on the path of liberation.

Gayatri Mantra

The most significant karma in a man’s life lies in his natural birth from the mother’s womb. This is the natural birth, a state without any rules. The initiation into the chanting of the Gayatri mantra signifies the dawn of man’s second birth.


‘Gayatri chandasa mata’ meaning Gayatri mantra is the very embodiment of the quintessence of the vedas. It is verily the mother of vedas. ‘Ga’ means ‘jiva’ or the forms of the individual. Hence Gayatri is that which protects and fosters all life forms.


So, one must realise the truth that, being initialised into the Gayatri mantra is like being born again. When one chants the mantra, bound to a certain code of conduct and rules, then one qualifies oneself for the study of vedas.


One attains the third life as a ‘viprudu’, when one chants the vedas. When this is considered as the third birth, one must follow the path of gradual study of vedas, knowing the significance of the mantras therein and lead one’s life in accordance with the said principles.


By studying the vedas one would succeed in attaining ‘Brahma’. It is only when one acquires the state of ‘Brahma’ that one can be called a ‘Brahmana’.


It is important that one is a Brahmana not only by virtue of his birth but also by virtue one’s actions. One should also realise and continue to realise the truth that being called a Brahmana by virtue of birth and actions is truly the path to the divinity.

- Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba (Divine Discourse 17 March 1983)

Divine Discourse 17th March 1983 - Importance of Gayathri MantraBhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Sri Sathya Sai Ashtottaram

1. Om S’ri Bhagawān Sathya Sāi Bābāya Namaha

Salutations to the One Who is the Divine Mother and Father


2. Om S’ri Sāi Satya Swaroopāya Namaha;

Who is the embodiment of truth


3. Om S’ri Sāi Satya Dharma Parāyan'āya Namaha;

Who is devoted to preaching truth and righteousness


4. Om S’ri Sāi Varadāya Namaha;

Who grants boons


5. Om S’ri Sāi Sat Purushāya Namaha;

Who is the eternal truth

6. Om S’ri Sāi Satya Gun’ātmane Namaha;

Who is the embodiment of virtue - truth

7. Om S’ri Sāi Sādhu Vardhanāya Namaha;

Who promotes the quality of piety, righteousness


8. Om S’ri Sāi Sādhu Jana Poshan’āya Namaha;

Who nourishes the sustains pious people


9. Om S’ri Sāi Sarvagnāya Namaha;

Who is omniscient


10. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Jana Priyāya Namaha;

Who is dear to all

11. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva S’akti Moortaye Namaha;

Who is the embodiment of all powers


12. Om S’ri Sāi Sarves’āya Namaha;

Who is the Lord of all


13. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Sanga Parityāgine Namaha;

Who has sacrificed all attachments

14. Om S’ri Sāi Sarvāntaryāmine Namaha;

Who is the Indweller of all hearts


15. Om S’ri Sāi Mahimātmane Namaha;

Who is glory personified


16. Om S’ri Sāi Mahes’vara Svaroopāya Namaha;

Who is the embodiment of the Supreme Godhead


17. Om S’ri Sāi Parti Grāmodbhavāya Namaha;

Who is born in the village of Puttaparthi


18. Om S’ri Sāi Parti Kshetra Nivāsine Namaha;

Who lives in the holy place Puttaparthi


19. Om S’ri Sāi Yas’ahkāya S’irdi Vāsine Namaha;

Who was famous in the previous body as the resident of Shirdi


20. Om S’ri Sāi Jodi Ādi Palli Somappāya Namaha;

Who assumed the form of 'Somappa', along with His consort (Shiva and Shakti)


21. Om S’ri Sāi Bhāradvāja Rishi Gotrāya Namaha;

Who is born in the Gotra of Bhāradvāja Rshi


22. Om S’ri Sāi Bhakta Vatsalāya Namaha;

Who is very affectionate to the devotees


23. Om S’ri Sāi Apāntarātmane Namaha;

Who is the inner soul in all beings


24. Om S’ri Sāi Avatāra Moortaye Namaha;

Who is the personality of all Incarnations


25. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Bhaya Nivārin'e Namaha;

Who removes all fears


26. Om S’ri Sāi Āpastamba Sootrāya Namaha;

Who is born in the Apastamba lineage


27. Om S’ri Sāi Abhaya Pradāya Namaha;

Who bestows freedom from fear


28. Om S’ri Sāi Ratnākara Vams’odbhavāya Namaha;

Who is born in the dynasty of Ratnākara (gems of men)


29. Om S’ri Sāi S’irdi Sāi Abheda S’aktyāvatārāya Namaha;

Who is the incarnation of power not different from that of Shirdi


30. Om S’ri Sāi S’ankarāya Namaha;

Who is Lord Shiva


31. Om S’ri Sāi S’irdi Sāi Moortaye Namaha;

Who is the Incarnation of Shirdi Sai


32. Om S’ri Sāi Dvārakāmāyi Vāsine Namaha;

Who is the resident of Dvārakāmāyi


33. Om S’ri Sāi Chitrāvatee Thata Puttaparti Vihārin'e Namaha;

Who sports (His Leelās) on the banks of the river Chitrāvati in Puttaparthi


34. Om S’ri Sāi S’akti Pradāya Namaha;

Who bestows strength


35. Om S’ri Sāi S’aranāgata Trānāya Namaha;

Who is the saviour of those who surrender


36. Om S’ri Sāi Ānandāya Namaha;

Who is Bliss personified


37. Om S’ri Sāi Ānanda Dāya Namaha;

Who bestows bliss


38. Om S’ri Sāi Ārtatrān’a Parāyan'āya Namaha;

Who is devoted solely in saving the afflicted


39. Om S’ri Sāi Anātha Nāthāya Namaha;

Who is guardian or Lord of the destitutes


40. Om S’ri Sāi Asahāya Sahāyāya Namaha;

Who helps the helpless


41. Om S’ri Sāi Loka Bāndhavāya Namaha;

Who is kith and kin to one and all in the universe


42. Om S’ri Sāi Loka Rakshā Parāyan’āya Namaha;

Who is devoted to protecting the world

43. Om S’ri Sāi Loka Nāthāya Namaha;

Who is Lord of all worlds

44. Om S’ri Sāi Deena Jana Poshan’āya Namaha;

Who nourishes and sustains the afflicted

45. Om S’ri Sāi Moorti Traya Svaroopāya Namaha;

Who is verily the embodiment of the Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara

46. Om S’ri Sāi Mukti Pradāya Namaha;

Who grants liberation


47. Om S’ri Sāi Kalusha Vidoorāya Namaha;

Who is the remover of defects and faults


48. Om S’ri Sāi Karun’ākarāya Namaha;

Who is compassionate


49. Om S’ri Sāi Sarvādhārāya Namaha;

Who is the Support of one and all


50. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Hrdvāsine Namaha;

Who is the indweller of everyone's heart


51. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Pun’ya Phala Pradāya Namaha;

Who is the giver of the fruits of all meritorious deeds


52. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Pāpa Kshayakarāya Namaha;

Who is the destroyer of all sins


53. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Roga Nivārin’e Namaha;

Who is the remover of all diseases


54. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Bādha Harāya Namaha;

Who removes all sufferings and impediments


55. Om S’ri Sāi Anantanuta Kartrn’e Namaha;

Who is the creator and is praised endlessly


56. Om S’ri Sāi Ādi Purushāya Namaha;

Who is the Primeval Purusha (the very first Lord)


57. Om S’ri Sāi Ādi S’aktaye Namaha;

Who is the primeval energy


58. Om S’ri Sāi Aparoopa S’aktine Namaha;

Who has delightful and wonderful powers


59. Om S’ri Sāi Avyakta Roopin’e Namaha;

Who is the form of the Unmanifested (the Formless)


60. Om S’ri Sāi Kāmakrodha Dhvamsine Namaha;

Who destroys desire and anger


61. Om S’ri Sāi Kanakāmbara Dhārin’e Namaha;

Who wears golden (saffron) coloured robe

62. Om S’ri Sāi Adbhuta Charyāya Namaha;

Who performs astonishing, unprecedented deeds

63. Om S’ri Sāi Āpad Bāndhavāya Namaha;

Who helps as a kinsman in times of calamities

64. Om S’ri Sāi Premātmane Namaha;

Who is Love Personified

65. Om S’ri Sāi Prema Moortaye Namaha;

Who is the Embodiment of Love


66. Om S’ri Sāi Prema Pradāya Namaha;

Who grants Love


67. Om S’ri Sāi Priyāya Namaha;

Who is Loved by all


68. Om S’ri Sāi Bhakta Priyāya Namaha;

Who is loved by Devotees


69. Om S’ri Sāi Bhakta Mandārāya Namaha;

Who is the highest peak (Divine Mountain) to devotees


70. Om S’ri Sāi Bhakta Jana Hrdaya Vihāraya Namaha;

Whose sports in the hearts of devotees


71. Om S’ri Sāi Bhakta Jana Hrdayālayāya Namaha;

Who dwells in the heart of devotees


72. Om S’ri Sāi Bhakta Parādheenāya Namaha;

Who is bound to the devotion of His devotees


73. Om S’ri Sāi Bhakti Gnāna Pradeepāya Namaha;

Who ignites the light of devotion and spiritual knowledge


74. Om S’ri Sāi Bhakti Gnāna Pradāya Namaha;

Who fosters devotion and and shows the path to supreme wisdom


75. Om S’ri Sāi Sugnāna Mārga Dars’akāya Namaha;

Who shows the path to attain right knowledge


76. Om S’ri Sāi Gnāna Svaroopāya Namaha;

Who is Knowledge Personified


77. Om S’ri Sāi Geetā Bodhakāya Namaha;

Who taught the Holy Bhagawad Gita


78. Om S’ri Sāi Gnāna Siddhidāya Namaha;

Who grants the attainment of wisdom


79.Om S’ri Sāi Sundara Roopāya Namaha;

Who has a charming form

80. Om S’ri Sāi Pun’ya Purushāya Namaha;

Who is the Embodiment of Purity

81. Om S’ri Sāi Phala Pradāya Namaha;

Who grants the fruits of our actions


82. Om S’ri Sāi Purushottamāya Namaha;

Who is the Supreme and Highest among all


83. Om S’ri Sāi Purān’a Purushāya Namaha;

Who is the Timeless, Ever Existent Perpetual Being


84. Om S’ri Sāi Ateetāya Namaha;

Who is beyond everything


85. Om S’ri Sāi Kālāteetāya Namaha;

Who is beyond the limits of time


86. Om S’ri Sāi Siddhi Roopāya Namaha;

Who is the Embodiment of all accomplishments

87. Om S’ri Sāi Siddha Sankalpāya Namaha;

Whose Will is immediately effective

88. Om S’ri Sāi Ārogya Pradāya Namaha;

Who grants good health

89. Om S’ri Sāi Anna Vastra Dāya Namaha;

Who provides food and clothing

90. Om S’ri Sāi Samsāra Duhkha Kshayakarāya Namaha;

Who destroys the suffering of the mundane existence

91. Om S’ri Sāi Sarvābheeshta Pradāya Namaha;

Who fulfills all the wishes

92. Om S’ri Sāi Kalyān’a Gun'āya Namaha;

Who has virtuous and auspicious attributes

93. Om S’ri Sāi Karma Dhvamsine Namaha;

Who destroys evil effect of bad actions


94. Om S’ri Sāi Sādhu Mānasa S’obhitāya Namaha;

Who shines in the mind of pious people as brilliance - knowledge


95. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Mata Sammatāya Namaha;

Who accepts all faiths


96. Om S’ri Sāi Sādhu Mānasa Paris’odhakāya Namaha;

Who purifies the minds of spiritual aspirants


97. Om S’ri Sāi Sādhakānugraha Vata Vrksha Pratisht’āpakāya Namaha;

Who planted a banyan tree as a boon to spiritual aspirants


98. Om S’ri Sāi Sakala Sams’aya Harāya Namaha;

Who destroys all doubts


99. Om S’ri Sāi Sakala Tatva Bodhakāya Namaha;

Who teaches the essence of all spiritual knowledge


100. Om S’ri Sāi Yogees’varāya Namaha;

Who is Lord of all yogis

101. Om S’ri Sāi Yogeendra Vanditāya Namaha;

Who is revered by the Masters of Yogas

102. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Mangala Karāya Namaha;

Who is the grantor of all Auspiciousness

103. Om S’ri Sāi Sarva Siddhi Pradāya Namaha;

Who grants all accomplishments and skills

104. Om S’ri Sāi Āpannivārin'e Namaha;

Who removes calamities

105. Om S’ri Sāi Ārti Harāya Namaha;

Who removes bodily and mental distress

106. Om S’ri Sāi S’ānta Moortaye Namaha;

Who is the Embodiment of Peace

107. Om S’ri Sāi Sulabha Prasannāya Namaha;

Who is easily pleased

108. Om S’ri Sāi Bhagawān S’ri Sathya Sāi Bābāya Namaha;

Let's bow to the Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba: Who is the Divine Mother and Father