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Australia - Mother's Day Classic awards SSSGC Australia for largest community group participation

Every day, 57 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer, and 9 Australians lose their lives to this disease.

This year, our members united and from across Australia participated in the Mother's Day Classic walk which is held every year on Mother's Day with many community and corporate groups to inspire and raise awareness of the impact of this disease and also to contribute its support life-saving breast cancer research.

Over 115 members supported this important community event. Our New South Wales (NSW) ladies team registered and had the largest number of participants of any community & fitness group across the entire NSW state walking in the Mother's Day Classic Walk.

The Mother's Day Classic Foundation has awarded and recognised our Organisation with a special trophy for the largest number of participans from any community & fitness group in NSW.

The organisers of the Mother's Day Classic Walk are very grateful of the support of our members and shared the following message below:

And we'd really love your support! Your support towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) shall assist in funding life-saving research to improve breast cancer detection, develop new treatments, and allow people with breast cancer to live longer and better lives.

Thanking each one of you for your love and ongoing support.


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