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Australia - Winter packs give much needed warmth this winter to Aboriginal families.

Winters in remote New South Wales are very cold and for Aboriginal families living in these remote communities who often live below the poverty line can be a real challenge. These families don't have a fixed income and often cannot afford the basic essentials and warm clothing.

So with Swami's Grace, our members, as part of this year's Aradhana Mahotsavam offering, put together 340 warm winter packs. The winter packs included Blankets, beanies, hand gloves and sock.

The winter packs were distributed by 20 of our members, who drove upto 7 hours each way, to needy families in 5 remote & regional Aboriginal communities in Western New South Wales. Through this winter packs, our members were given the opportunity to warm bodies and the hearts of the communities in this remote part of Australia.

The members of these various communities were deeply grateful to our members for their love and kindness.

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