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Dubai - Sri Sathya Sai Baba's 96th Birthday Celebrations

Swami’s birthday was celebrated with opulence and grandeur. The festivities commenced on October 20th – Avatarhood Declaration Day and concluded on November 23rd - Swami’s birthday.

The theme of the birthday celebration was Jnatum Drashtum Praveshtum – Knowing, Seeing & Experiencing Swami.

The month-long celebrations had a series of spiritual activities, in which all the members actively participated. Satsangs, regular Bhajans, Akhand Bhajans and exclusive wing activities were offered and attended by devotees online.

The Spiritual wing was instrumental in organizing the Birthday celebration on the whole – satsangs within the wings, talks by eminent speakers from SSS Media Center Prasanthi Nilayam, organizing and coordinating various activities during the month-long festivities.

We were fortunate to have satsang sessions conducted by Brother Sai Giridhar, Brother Prem and Brother Bishu, who shared their views and learnings from Bhagawan on the topic, making it informative, introspective and filled with deep knowledge of spirituality.

The SSSE wing offered their annual programme - Krutanjali, titled Twameva Sharanam Mama. This offering by the Group 3 Year 3 children was a testament to the learnings they have shared from the age of 6 years, keeping Swami in their hearts as they move on to the next phase of their lives. The programme included shlokas, Vedam chanting, followed by an oath to pledge lifelong commitment to morality and spirituality, with the guidance and assurance by our Swami.

The Young Adults offered a play at the divine lotus feet – titled Jignasa – akin to the theme of the birthday celebrations. In this play, all the three aspects – Jnatum Drashtum Praveshtum were beautifully depicted with role play, sharing of personal experiences, and a group song “Hum Tere Hain Sai” – offering their heartfelt gratitude to Swami for walking together every step of the way.

The Bhajan wing and other wings offered the Annual Akhand Bhajans on 11th and 12th November, which was attended online by all devotees.

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, special Bhajans and Vedam chanting was offered expressing our reverence.

The Shakti wing offered their annual programme, Apaara Mahima Sai. The session concentrated on the various temples visited by Swami, elaborating the details i.e sthalapurana, along with Swami revitalizing these temples.

On International Ladies Day, a special programme with Vedam chanting, Bhajans and group songs were offered by our sisters on the holy occasion.

The Seva wing received opportunity for prasadam distribution to various devotees’ residences after programmes held at Mandir such as Laksharchana, Swami’s birthday, Maha Mritynjaya Japa, Rudrabhisekam. Dry Ration (Sai Hampers) were distributed in coordination with the Indian Consulate to the needy. Depending on the requirements from Indian Consulate, we procured the Sai Hampers and delivered to the authorities. Blood donation or liquid love drive was held at Shaikha Latifa hospital and more than 186 number of donors donated this liquid love as their offering to Swami from December 2020 to November 2021.

We were fortunate to offer Laksharchana as a prelude to Bhagawan’s birthday, what better way to culminate the birthday celebrations than Namasmarana.

On 23rd November, a Sai-filled day has been planned for all devotees.

We pray to Swami to continue to shower His blessings and love on each and every devotee of His here, and world over.

Jai Sai Ram


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