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How Subhuthi became the Buddha's messenger

Subhuti was one of the chief disciples of Buddha. He had been waiting to propagate Buddha's principles to the society. On one occasion he prostrated before Buddha, to seek His permission to spread His message.

“Get up, Subhuti,” Buddha said. “Unless one experiences Me within, he is not eligible to speak. Hence it is not easy to become a speaker. Even when you speak beautiful words, there will be plenty to criticize you and condemn you.”

Subhuti replied, “With Your blessings I am experiencing Your presence within and by Your grace I am sure I can deliver Your ideals to the people to make them happy. Please give me Your permission.”

Buddha remained silent and made no comments. Subhuti sat there with his head bowed. Buddha went away to give a talk to devotees and other monks as they required some clarity on His teachings.

Buddha returned after a long time and said, “Subhuti, you are still here? I thought you got your answer from My silence.”

Subhuti said, “I am not wise enough to know the master's silence. No one is.”

Buddha smiled and assumed His lotus posture and asked, “What if you go to a village to speak and people choose not to listen to you? What will you do?” “I will not mind, Lord, for I will remind myself that at least they are not calling me names or accusing me,” said Subhuti. “What if they do that?” further queried Buddha. Pat came the reply, “I will still smile, Lord, for I will remind myself that this is a small price to pay for spreading Your message and that they may be doing much worse by abusing me physically.” Unrelentingly Buddha asked, “And what if they do that also and hurl stones at you?” “It will be ok with Master's grace. I will remind myself that at least they have not pinned me down and stabbed me.” “Well, what if they do that finally?” “I will take heart thinking that they have not killed me.” “And what if, Subhuti,” Buddha asked in His usual detachment demeanour, “they kill you?” “I will be most happy Tathagata (supreme master),” Subhuti replied raising his head for the first time‎. Beholding the beautiful form of Buddha, with tearful eyes he continued, “Other than dying by Tathagata's feet, I cannot think of better Nirvana than dying spreading Tathagata's message.” “Subhuti,” said Buddha raising from His seat and embracing him,‎ “You are fit to be a speaker. What I told you in the morning was merely to test your patience. You have the spiritual attitude required to take on a great cause.”

In chapter 18 of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna declares: He who, having devotion to Me, explains this supreme knowledge to My devotees, will reach Me alone, no doubt. And compared to that person, no one else among humans performs actions which are dear to Me. Nor will there be anyone else on this earth dearer to Me than that person.

Thus, those who engage in disseminating the message of the Lord perform the greatest act of love. What they earn in return is unmatched. They gain a special place in the heart of the Lord.

Bhagawan Baba says that the best way to share His message is to be His message. Like Buddha, He did it by His own example. “My life is My message,” He emphatically announced when devotees requested Him for a message during the First World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Organisations in 1968.


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