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Launch of the 99th Birthday Logo and Theme Song

Every new beginning fills us with hope, excitement, and even a little trepidation. What better way there is then, than beginning a New Year at the Divine Sannidhi? As we herald 2024, the 99th Year of the Divine Advent, the Sai Kulwant Hall rang with melodies of joy and grateful prayers.

The program started with a heartfelt offering by the University brass band, punctuated by words of gratitude by the students. This was followed by a musical offering by the Prasanthi Bhajan Group that filled all with loving thoughts of Bhagawan. The musical offering concluded with the entire gathering reciting the Sri Sathya Sai Ashtottaram. This was followed by a talk by an Alumnus, Sri Tribhuvan Sachdeva. The New Year’s Day is also a day when SSSIHL Alumni gather for their Prema Bandham meet.

The event concluded with the grand reveal of the 99th Birthday Theme Song and the Logo. The logo was placed at Bhagawan’s Sannidhi by Sri K Chakravarthi (Chairman, SSSGC), Sri RJ Rathnakar (Managing Trustee, SSSCT) and Sri Sundar Swaminathan (Director, SSSMC).


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