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Malaysia - Love All, Serve All

A number of service activities have been carried in the Central Region of Malaysia namely Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

1) Blood donations 2 rounds total 226 pints collected out of 285 turned up

2) Financially supported 3 case (urgent specific case):

a. 1st case ( Diabetic patient without eyesight : supported urgent needs)

b. 2nd case (Supported student financial need for Mechanical Engineering student)

c. 3rd Case (Siblings primary education support)

3) Animal shelter – Ground work ongoing to support 200 dogs (Location identified

/dog kennel under construction+ dog food supply started)

a. Additional 180 stray animals taken care (Food supply)

4) Cooked Food distribution for the needy 1550 pax

5) Food bank project -122 Families benefited

6) Tree Planting project -102 plants planted


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