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Mauritius- Annual Disability Day

In the loving service of the needy…

This beautiful Sunday 30 October 2022 was a landmark for the Sri Sathya Sai Overseas Organisation Mauritius which rolled out in full swing its Annual Disability Day on for around the island, after 2 years of pandemic restrictions. The 8 Coordinating committees prepared in different ways this grand event in their respective regions. The activities for the benefit of brothers and sisters with disabilities included get-togethers around outdoor activities interspersed with musical performances, magic show, initiation to archery, football and basketball games, poem recitals, face paints and crafting. There were also calls on inmates in hospices, door to door visits and sharing of basic needs. In some regions, gifts were distributed to the brothers and sisters, as a token of love and in others, copious special breakfast and lunch were served. Around 300 people were lovingly served on this occasion by sevadals of the organisation as well as accompanying persons. As the poet says, service is love made visible…

Jai Sai Ram


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