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Mauritius-Bhajan Singing Workshop

Connecting to Swami through Bhajan Singing

Om Sai Ram!

"The purpose of singing bhajans is not just to entertain or please the ears but to purify the mind and heart. Let each note resonate with the sincerity of your devotion and let each word be a prayer from the depths of your soul."-SSSB

In a harmonious & impactful gathering, around 120 devotees- most of whom are members of bhajan mandalis- joined a Bhajan workshop organized by Sri Sathya Sai Overseas Organisation Mauritius, held at the Secretariat, Anandam, Vacoas this Sunday 11th February 2024. The session, themed "Connecting to Swami through Bhajan Singing," aimed at deepening spiritual insights through the transformative power of devotional music.

Guided by experienced facilitators, participants immersed themselves in the essence of Bhajan singing, echoing the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The workshop not only covered the melodies & rhythms but also delved into the profound spiritual meanings behind each Bhajan characterised by inner feelings.

Quotes from Sri Sathya Sai Baba on Bhajan Singing resonated throughout the session, emphasizing the purification of the mind and heart through devotional singing.

In the serene atmosphere of Anandam, Vacoas, hearts united in devotion, and participants carried with them the divine echoes of the Bhajan melodies, feeling a deeper connection to Swami and a heightened spiritual awareness.

Attendees left the workshop with a renewed sense of spiritual purpose, expressing gratitude for the recharge of their spiritual battery needed for community Bhajan singing, whilst it was unanimously resolved to repeat the initiative as soon as possible.

Please find a glimpse of the workshop.

Jai Sai Ram

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