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Mauritius-Distribution of sweets to foreign construction workers on Ugadi

*Om Sai Ram*

With the blessings of our beloved Bhagawan, on the auspicious occasion of Ugadi and Guddi Padwa, the service wing of Region 4-Upper Plaines Wilhems shared the joy of the New Year by distributing cakes and fruits to some 750 foreign construction workers on Sunday 03 April 2022.

Some 20 Sevadals assembled at Anandam, the Secretariat of the Sri Sathya Sai Overseas Organisation Mauritius to pack the sweets (Ladoo, idli, Tekwa, gato batate) prepared with love by devotees of across the Region. After packing the cakes and loading in vehicles, invoking prayers were performed by the sevadals before heading to the dormitory of the workers in Richelieu.

Due to sanitary protocols, the cakes and fruits were distributed to few workers only and the rest were handed over to the supervisors for distribution to all workers in the dormitories.

We are ever grateful to His Divine Will for enabling this beautiful Sharing of joy and love at New Year's start to foreign workers who are away from home and their dear ones.

*Love All Serve All*

*Jai Sai Ram*

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