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Mauritius- Gow Seva or Service to Mother Cow

Om Sai Ram!

The Service Wing of the Regional Coordinating Committee 4-Upper Plaine Wilhems of the Sri Sathya Sai Overseas Organisation performed, for the third consecutive years, a Gow Seva or service to Mother Cow. This event was held on Sunday the 1st of October 2023 at the Belle Rive Gowshala (cow shed) which is taken care of by Prabhu Sri Surya Narayan Das. Prabhu has started this noble project some more than 25 years back by adopting some cows and bulls which were either destined to be slaughtered or which were sick/old.

According to Hindu Scriptures, cows hold a very important status for Human being as being one of the 5 mothers. Gow Mata or Mother Cow is selfless as it is the one which fosters Mankind and feed him with nourishing milk and products which leads to growth & overall nourishment of the human body.

Initially, this Seva started by the Sri Sathya Sai Group of Carreau Laliane some 10 years back. This service activity was such a success and meaningful that it has been took over by the Regional Coordinating Committee.

Actually, the Gowshala fosters for around 70 cows and bulls. By Swami's Grace, the fate of all these cows changed from destined to be either in a slaughter house or a graveyard to a cowshed with hundreds of Sevadals coming almost every day to feed and give them their much due respect and love.

The Service activity started early on the morning by reaching the cow shed and feeing the cows with roti (flatbread) made with wheat flour, gur-kheer (rice cooked in milk and jaggery), soaked chana (bengal grams) and fruits. The group of around 30 sevadals which consisted of ladies, gents, young adults, elderly and SSE students then moved to the forest fields situated between the 2 reservoirs, namely Piton Du Milieu and Midlands Dam to cut a special type of fodder called Guatemala, which is highly appreciated by cows by providing them with good protein and carbohydrates.

The Service activity ended with feeding the cows with this fodder.

Please find a glimpse of this service activity.

Jai Sai Ram!

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