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Mauritius-Reforestation of Edemic Forest

"Because there is de-forestation to an alarming extent, the extent of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere has considerably increased ... the remedy for this situation is intensive afforestation"

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, 21 Jan 1993

In line with the aforesaid divine injunction, the Sai Fraternity of Region 7 Pamplemousses celebrated Aradhana Mahotsavam by planting 108 endemic trees at Daruty Forest- Petit Raffray. The activity was spanned over 2 consecutive Saturdays whereby the digging of holes exercise was carried out as a prelude activity on 16 April 22 ; followed by the planting of trees on 23 Apr 22. Around 35 volunteers participated in this environment caring initiative; which also coincided with Earth Day held on 22 April 22. We are grateful to Swami for giving us this opportunity to protect mother earth. Thank you all of you who have contributed in whatever way to make this Reforestation activity (spanned over 2 consecutive Saturdays) a success.


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