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Nepal - National Women Conference

Woman folk has been reckoned as a major Shakti in the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization Nepal (SSSSON) constituting around 70 % of the members. In order to motivate such a large populace, SSSSON has been conducting various programs related with the empowerment of woman.

A two days’ National Women Conference and Arts & Crafts Exhibition was organized at Narayanghat on 24th and 25th February 2023 with a theme “Woman: Agent for Transformation”. The program, attended by around 1,000 woman devotees, was preceded with a rally led by Bal Vikash Children clad in different religious groups’ costumes and followed by devotees in different ethnic costumes holding placards of Swami’s quotations. The scene of women devotees, leading the procession chanting Veda, was a jaw dropper to the thousands of local curious onlookers lined along both sides of road watching the entire 1500 meter long procession with awe.

The program also included Arts and Crafts Exhibition by women devotees hailing from different parts of the country. Back to back, food festival was organized by various Sai centres of the country where devotees got to taste various regional delicacies prepared by devotees of different parts of the country.

In all, a typical jubilation and fair-like ambience exuded that prompted even outsiders to take part in all these activities.


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