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South Africa - Nurturing Nature with Love: Prema Tharu Projects Blossom in Gauteng

Nigel Secondary School - March 2, 2024

In a harmonious union with the Gauteng Tree Planting Programme, the Pretoria Region embraced a day of greenery and learning at Nigel Secondary School. Br Selvan Moodley led the way, enlightening participants on the intricate art of tree planting. Discussions ranged from tree varieties to soil composition, highlighting the significance of river sand, compost, and even bone meal in nurturing young trees.

The planting ceremony itself was a testament to knowledge and dedication, with 200 trees finding new homes within the Nigel Secondary School Campus. The sevadals were not only educated but inspired by enlightening talks on the water cycle, soil diversity, and the vital role of trees in our ecosystem. The planting ritual was graced with the chanting of Gayathri Manthra, infusing each tree with positive vibrations.

Amidst shared meals, refreshing breaks, and the exchange of tokens like caps and water bottles, the atmosphere was brimming with positivity and camaraderie, making this programme an unforgettable experience.

Divine Life Ashram - March 23, 2024

The spirit of collaboration and devotion bloomed at Divine Life Ashram in Buccleuch as the Pretoria Seva Team joined hands with the Divine Life Society for another impactful Prema Tharu Project. Led by Brs Amarnath Tekukdaree and Selvan Moodley, this joint effort resulted in the planting of 200 trees, a symbolic gesture of unity and environmental consciousness.

These projects not only planted trees but also sowed seeds of harmony and cooperation among devotees. Under the guidance of Br Kashvir Ramcharetar and other dedicated leaders, the Prema Tharu Projects continue to flourish, reminding us of the power of love and unity in nurturing both nature and our collective spirit.


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