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South Africa - SSSGC-Overport Pet Seva | Durban Region

On a truly spectacular day, the esteemed members of the SSSGC-Overport embarked on a heartwarming mission to bring joy and companionship to the lovable animals at the Summerveld Hound Resort. This awe-inspiring Pet Seva was a testament to the boundless love and affection humans can share with their furry counterparts.

As part of their magnanimous gesture, the compassionate team from SSSGC-Overport presented delightful love offerings to these charming creatures, ensuring that their every need was met with warmth and enthusiasm. The generous gifts brought an undeniable sense of happiness to the fortunate recipients, filling their hearts with gratitude and their eyes with a sparkle of appreciation.

Not content to stop there, the dedicated volunteers devoted their time and energy to engage in playful activities with these delightful furry friends, creating an atmosphere of jubilation and excitement that reverberated throughout the resort. The endearing sound of laughter and the gentle wagging of tails filled the air, as both humans and animals basked in the glory of this extraordinary event.

Indeed, this incredible Pet Seva at the Summerveld Hound Resort was a breathtaking testament to the beautiful bond that exists between humans and animals, proving once again that love and compassion know no bounds.


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