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South Africa - 98th Birthday Celebrations | Durban Region

We offer our most humble and loving gratitude at Swami's Lotus Feet for allowing us the opportunity to Celebrate His 98th Advent across the 9 Centres in the Durban Region.

The programmes were Blissful celebrations, celebrating "Every Heart Sri Sathya Sai Ke Saath". With an integrated approach to this love-filled month, all wings actively participated in offering Blissful Devotional Programmes for Swami.

The Education Wings across all Centres placed a huge focus of all the skits on the Human Values & Swami's teachings and this has left a lasting impact on all Devotees who attended Advent Programmes.

With an average of 250 - 500 Devotees attending each of the Centre Programmes, the highlight of the Advent Programmes was certainly the Love & Unity with which all Devotees, Sai Lions & Sai Blossoms came together in the Divine Name of Sri Sathya Sai.

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