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South Africa - 98th Birthday Celebrations | Hillside Sai Centre

On November 23, 2023, the Sri Sathya Sai Centre Hillside was bathed in a radiant aura of love and devotion as it celebrated the 98th birthday of the beloved Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This special day, marked by the gathering of approximately 130 to 150 devotees and sevadals, was a testament to the profound impact that Bhagawan's teachings continue to have on the hearts and lives of many.

The event was not just a celebration; it was a heartfelt homage to the embodiment of Divine Love who once walked among us. Weeks of meticulous planning and dedication culminated in an enchanting celebration that mirrored the enchantment of Sai Kulwant Hall itself.

The youthful spirit of the center shone through as young adults came together to coordinate the decor, infusing the venue with an ethereal charm. Even the teenage youth, who could have been immersed in their studies, chose to be part of this sacred event, showcasing the immense love that had gone into its preparation.

The festivities commenced with the offering of petals and the recitation of 108 Namavalis—a soul-stirring experience that set the tone for the evening. The melodious strains of the 98th birthday theme song filled the air as a guest speaker was invited to illuminate the ceremonial lamp, officially commencing the program.

Bhajans, the devotional songs of love and devotion, were expertly led by the center's dedicated bhajan team. Each bhajan was introduced with a monologue explaining its meaning, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the profound messages conveyed through the music. The harmonious blend of male and female voices in leading bhajans was a beautiful reflection of unity and devotion.

The evening took on added significance with the presence of Br Suresh Nundlal, the National Council President, as the Guest Speaker. He reminded everyone of the central purpose of the Sai Organization—to embark on an inner journey in search of the Divinity that resides within. Br Suresh also expounded upon the importance of following the 3 Ps, echoing the Mahavakyas of Leadership outlined by Bhagawan.

The event concluded with an expression of heartfelt gratitude and appreciation towards Br Suresh Nundlal for his presence and wisdom. The Deputy National Seva Coordinator, Br Deven Naidoo, conducted this gesture, underscoring the sense of unity and love that permeated the entire celebration.

In closing, the Sri Sathya Sai Centre Hillside remains forever grateful to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for providing opportunities to express unconditional love. The 98th birthday celebration was not just an event but a profound expression of love, unity, and devotion—a testament to the enduring impact of Bhagawan's teachings in our lives. As we continue to walk on the path he illuminated for us, may our hearts be forever aglow with the divine love that Bhagawan exemplified throughout his life.


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