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South Africa - 98th Birthday Celebrations | Northdale Sai Centre

It is with profound humility and boundless joy that we recount the 98th birthday celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, an event that transformed the Andhra Sabha into a vibrant epicenter of devotion and spiritual wisdom on November 23, 2023. This occasion, meticulously orchestrated by the Devotion Wing, not only celebrated the life of our beloved spiritual leader but also served as a beacon of his eternal teachings and the shared values of our community.


Inaugurating the festivities was the mesmerizing Hawan ceremony, commencing at 18h30. The presence of two resplendent Hawan kunds infused the air with an aura of sanctity and purity, setting a profound tone for the celebrations.


At the heart of the celebration were the soul-stirring bhajan sessions. A harmonious blend of English and Sanskrit hymns resonated, each segment thoughtfully crafted to reflect the divine teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, touching the hearts of all present.

Balvikas and Youth

The Balvikas and Youth wings illuminated the event with their creative sketches, exemplifying the diverse initiatives undertaken at the regional and center levels. These performances underscored the vital role of youth and Bal Vikas classes in our spiritual journey.

Discourse and Message

A discourse by Brother Soobrie, relayed from Prashanti Nilayam during the Parthi Yatra 2023, offered deep insights into Baba's teachings. Additionally, Sister Shreya, the Youth Convenor, delivered a stirring message highlighting the critical role of youth in shaping our organization's future.

Culmination and Celebration

The festivities culminated in a joyous rendition of the birthday song and the ceremonial cutting of a magnificent cake, symbolizing unity and love among devotees.


In true spirit of togetherness, Swami and all devotees were graced with a delightful supper and blessed prasad, reinforcing our sense of communal unity.

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