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South Africa - A Beacon of Health and Hope: The Phoenix Fixed Site Clinic

In the heart of Phoenix, nestled within the Educare Centre on 75 Alingham Road, lies a haven of healing and care: the Phoenix Fixed Site Clinic. Established in July 2010, this clinic emerged as a response to a pressing need identified by the Phoenix Regional team. The surrounding area, home to a significant population of senior residents living below the poverty line, presented substantial challenges in accessing public medical services.

Addressing the Health Needs of the Community

In alignment with the compassionate teachings of our Lord, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Phoenix Fixed Site Clinic was founded to bridge this healthcare gap. It provides monthly general medical clinics, and biannual Optometry and Dental clinics, ensuring comprehensive healthcare access to those in need. Staffed by two dedicated doctors, two nurses, and a pharmacist, the clinic stands as a beacon of hope and health for the community.

Serving All Ages

The clinic's patient base is diverse, encompassing seniors, middle-aged individuals, and a substantial number of children. General ailments such as eczema, cuts, body and joint pains, gastroenteritis, and ear infections are treated with care and attention. For more serious conditions, patients are referred to the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, ensuring they receive the necessary medical attention.

Beyond Medical Treatment

In addition to medical treatments, the Phoenix Fixed Site Clinic is committed to empowering patients through health education programs. This educational aspect reinforces the clinic’s holistic approach to healthcare, focusing not just on treatment but also on prevention and awareness.

In these ways, the Phoenix Fixed Site Clinic continues to shine as a pillar of health, hope, and healing in the community, embodying the spirit of service and compassion.


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