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South Africa - A Vision of Grace: The Miraculous Sai Eye Clinic Event in Bergville


In an extraordinary display of compassion and community spirit, the SSSGC South Africa's eye clinic in Bergville became a beacon of hope and service, exemplifying the profound impact of Swami's Divine Grace.

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The event was a marvel of organization and goodwill, with buses generously transporting Sevadals from KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng at no cost, embodying the spirit of selfless service. This initiative not only facilitated their journey but also strengthened the bonds of unity and purpose among all involved.

A remarkable feature of the clinic was the overwhelming response from the medical community. An abundance of optometrists and students volunteered their time and expertise, transforming a daunting task into a manageable and joyous endeavor. Their presence was a testament to the collective desire to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

The ladies wing of the SSSGC South Africa played a pivotal role, preparing breakfast packs on-site with immense love and care. Their dedication and warmth added a personal touch to the event, ensuring that every participant and patient felt valued and cared for.

The atmosphere was electric with excitement and enthusiasm, shared by the 66 Sevadals who attended. Their collective efforts were a living example of Swami's teachings on selfless service and love. The participation of 12 student optometrists and 8 professional optometrists, along with 2 dispensers, highlighted the collaborative spirit of the event.

Adding to the day's success, the Midlands team provided a divine meal, thoughtfully using go-green packaging. This eco-friendly approach not only nourished the body but also cared for our planet, aligning with the SSSGC South Africa's principles of respecting and protecting the environment.


The eye clinic in Bergville was more than just a medical camp; it was a celebration of unity, service, and love. The overwhelming support and participation of everyone involved turned it into a day of divine blessings, echoing Swami's message of selfless service and love for all. This event was not just about providing eye care but also about opening our eyes to the beauty of serving humanity with love and compassion.


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