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South Africa - Blood Clinics | North Coast Region

With the shortage of Blood being extremely dire in South Africa, the North Coast Region has been tirelessly promoting and hosting Blood Clinics for Liquid Love. Devotees from Tongaat Sai Centre, Brindhaven Sai Centre, Belvedere Sai Centre, and Ottawa Sai Centre lovingly assisted in the Clinics – from setting up to getting prospective donors. The first three clinics were extremely successful – statistics below:

Clinic 1 |

46 Pints Donated

Clinic 2 |

68 Pints Donated

Clinic 3 |

54 Pints Donated

We humbly thank Swami for this opportunity to assist in any way we can for Liquid Love offerings and encourage all individuals to Donate at their nearest Blood Clinics if they are able to do so.


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