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South Africa - Compassionate Care at the Heart of the Community: Khayelitsha Fixed Site Clinic

A Generous Beginning

Thanks to the generosity of a local Khayelitsha resident who provided the location at 59 Ihlabankomo Street, the clinic now offers essential medical services monthly. Two dedicated resident doctors volunteer their expertise, ensuring up to 28 patients receive high-quality medical care and free medication during each session.

Specialized Pediatric and Eye Care

In addition to general medical services, a specialized pediatric clinic is held quarterly for infants and children under 12 years of age. Recognizing the community's pressing need for eyecare, free eye clinics are conducted alongside the medical clinics every two months. These clinics provide crucial eye screening, testing, and distribution of glasses, with frames and lenses.

Addressing Diverse Health Concerns

The clinic addresses a range of health issues, including chronic arthritis, skin issues, scabies, and malnutrition, with a noted increase in cold and flu symptoms during the winter months. Patients with severe conditions are referred to the nearest hospitals or clinics, equipped with essential referral letters for treatment.

Community Support

The warmth of the community shines through as devotees from nearby areas generously provide warm meals for patients attending the clinics, adding a touch of comfort and care to the comprehensive medical services offered.

In every aspect, the Khayelitsha Fixed Site Clinic embodies a commitment to enhancing the well-being and health of the community, driven by compassion, generosity, and a steadfast dedication to service.


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