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South Africa - Frasers EHV Classes and Meals | North Coast Region

In a remarkable effort to educate and nourish the community, the Tongaat, Belvedere, and La Mercy Sai Centres conducted EHV (Education in Human Values) classes at Frasers. This initiative was supported by eight dedicated gurus and three assistants, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching experience for the learners.

The Brindhaven Sai Centre graciously provided meals, adding a nurturing element to the educational program. Approximately 150 learners attended the classes, benefiting from both the valuable lessons and the wholesome meals.

Such initiatives highlight the importance of holistic development, combining education and nourishment to foster growth and well-being. The dedication of the gurus, assistants, and supporting centres exemplifies the true spirit of selfless service and love for the community.

May these efforts continue to inspire and uplift, guided by the principles of Education in Human Values and the blessings of Swami.


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