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South Africa - Frasers Medical Camp

Our gratitude to Swami for affording us the opportunity to serve at the Frasers Medical Camp on the 21st of August 2022.

The objective of the seva was to undertake a Pediatric Medical Clinic held in Frasers, Tongaat, North Coast. This seva was to integrate all Wings of the Organization – bringing us all together to care for the children that needed us the most. The children that were included in the Clinic were from the Frasers Community and the Low-Cost Homes, all of whom were given personal invitations.

The program commenced with a Hawan, followed by the Welcome and Address by the National Medical Coordinator. There were 126 sevadals who attended the seva - this was comprised of Doctors (14), Medical Students (6) Pharmacists (5), Nurses including DOH (14) and Devotees (87). Sevadals were briefed on the flow plan and surpassed all expectations in this Clinic, and were, without a doubt, exemplars of Sai Excellence.

Total Number of Children screened – 128

It was indeed a Sai Blessed Day, as there was no better way to care for Swami’s children than collaborating with all wings of his organization.

The Young Adults worked with the various wings and assisted with the registration process, medical screenings (height, weight, and temperature checks), guiding the guests to the doctor's rooms, pharmacy, and the collection of hygiene packs, as well as documenting everything through careful use of media. Guests were also treated to cancer screenings and a health and wellness talk. Mothers and Children were provided with snack & hygiene packs, and the babies with milk formula. With the Divine Grace, there were no serious ailments detected, and the children were mainly treated for flu symptoms, seasonal allergies, and skin conditions. A fully set up pharmacy dispensed the following medication:

Flu medication; antihistamines; analgesics; cough syrup; medication for chest, nasal, eye, skin, gastro; antibiotics, and a multivitamin syrup.

Total Pharmaceutical Units dispensed: 545

The Medical and Pharmacy Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of shadowing our Medical Personal and selflessly serving a community in need.

The seva ended with Aarthi and Closing prayers, and thereafter, light refreshments were served. The Sevadals displayed love, teamwork, and purity from the start of the project and the outcome was left at Swami’s Lotus Feet. It was a very well-planned and coordinated Pediatric Clinic, with everyone selflessly displaying Love in Action.

Our gratitude to Swami for affording us an opportunity to serve.


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