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South Africa - Go Green Beach Cleanup

Dear embodiments of love The month of May is synonymous with mothers💖This year we invite you to celebrate Mother Easwaramma , Mother Earth, and all Mothers 🌊⛱ on 15 May 2022 with our KZN South coastline beach cleanup from Bluff to Port Shepstone. Look forward to a walk on the beach, Seva, sadhana, and fun in the suTo commemorate Mother Easwaramma day the devotees of the Merebank Sai centre pledged 97 bags but with Swami’s Grace, we offered 108 Hygiene and snack packs to the children of Settlers and Alipore Primary School in Merebank this morning.

Due to inclement weather day before and rain predicted for the day of the cleanup, Ethekwini municipality issued a notice that there were high levels of e-coli in the water and the beaches

Were closed. The Seva however went ahead with very strict disciplines to remain on the beach only and 141 Sevadals braved these trying conditions and attended.


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