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South Africa - Green Steps for a Good Cause: A Unique Initiative by the Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Hillside

In the spirit of service and environmental consciousness, the Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Hillside embarked on a unique mission throughout October 2023. Set against the serene backdrop of Oceanview, the event was not just a gathering but a meaningful pursuit towards making a significant difference in both the environment and the lives of individuals in need.

The core of this initiative was the collection of plastic bread tags and bottle caps, items often overlooked but with the potential to support a noble cause. Devotees and volunteers came together, combining efforts to gather these small pieces of plastic with a big vision in mind—the purchase of a wheelchair for those in need.

The commitment and enthusiasm of the community were evident in the impressive collection achieved: 2.12kg of bread tags and 14kg of bottle caps. This endeavor highlighted a remarkable synergy between environmental stewardship and humanitarian assistance, showcasing how recycling efforts can be transformed into tangible aid.

This initiative stands as a testament to the innovative approaches towards community service adopted by the Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Hillside. It reflects a deep understanding of interconnectedness, where caring for the planet and aiding fellow humans go hand in hand. Through this event, the message was clear: every small action counts, and when united for a common purpose, we can create waves of change that resonate far and wide.


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