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South Africa - Health and Wellness Day

With Swami’s Blessing, the Gauteng Province held our Health and Wellness Day for Devotees on the 11th of September 2022. The purpose of this event was a check in with our Devotees, paying close attention to the mind, body, and soul, providing guidance wherever possible. This was carried out through an array of activities and talks held. There was also great collaboration among the wings as each had their own responsibilities to undertake to ensure that the programme was a success.

The Programme began with Registration, Point of Care and Breakfast, followed by an Opening Prayer and Welcome. Thereafter, short talks and activities were carried out. These talks/activities were as follows:

Power Healing by Sr P. Chetty

Laughter Yoga by Sr Annie

Eye Wellness by Dr Adisha

Women’s Health by Dr P Naidoo

Diabetes Talk by Dr Vallabh

Breathing Techniques by Sr Roxy

Health & Swami’s Teachings by Sr Fazlyn

Next on the programme were Breakout Sessions which were held by Therapists; Specialists; Doctors; Healers; and Counsellors.

The breakout sessions included:

“Why You Should Have a Body Care Routine” by Karishma Rijhumal

Eye Care & Health Awareness by Dr A Goberdhan & Dr N Daya

Stress Counselling with Dr Padayachee

A Women Health Checkup – Gynecology Clinic with Dr P Naidoo

8 Healthy Food Recipes by Mogie Pillay

Auricular Acupuncture Body Code with Sr Vino

Meta-Healing with Dr S Naidoo

Reiki Healing with D Pillay

Access Consciousness with Fazlyn Govender

Angel Questions with Sr Panu

The day concluded with Lunch and a clean-up of the venue.

Overall, it was a beautiful programme which allowed Devotees to reclaim their peace and restore their energy with the wealth of knowledge that was shared. We thank Our Lord, for putting in place everything that made the programme a success and for affording us the opportunity to reach out and help/guide our fellow Sisters and Brothers wherever we could.


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