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South Africa - Kenville Fixed Site Clinic

Needs Analysis and Initial Discussions

In the serene month of February 2015, a meticulous needs analysis was gracefully carried out in the Kenville Area, surrounded by nine vast informal settlements. Delving deeply into the area's poignant levels of poverty, discussions blossomed between the dedicated Durban North Sai Centre team and the venerable chiefs of these settlements. Their heartfelt plea was evident: the community desperately required enhanced medical facilities. The small, local clinic in the area, with its limited resources, struggled to meet the healthcare demands of the 9,000 residents within these settlements, and there was a significant void in the absence of dental and optometry services.

A Gifted Opportunity: The Birth of Narain Jeawon Clinic

In a fortunate turn of events, an old school building in Kenville, touched by benevolent renovators from a trust, was given new life. In an act of profound generosity, this rejuvenated structure was offered to the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation. This paved the way for the establishment of the Narain Jeawon Clinic.

The Inaugural Clinic and Continued Services

The clinic's inaugural session was a beacon of hope, serving 90 patients with medical, dental, and optometry care. A testament to the spirit of selflessness, each month the clinic is graced by an average of 8 doctors, 5 dentists, 2 optometrists, and 4 compassionate nurses, all volunteering their expertise. Presently, the clinic serves around 180 individuals monthly. A deeper look into the data reveals prevalent ailments, including high blood pressure, scabies, and diabetes. Patients in need of specialized care are referred to esteemed institutions such as King George and McCords Hospitals.

Community Collaboration and Waste Management

Moving beyond just medical aid, the dedicated team collaborates with DSW, enlightening the community on the importance of proper waste disposal. This alliance stands firm, significantly addressing waste management concerns, and solidifying a bond of trust and mutual growth between the Kenville Fixed Site Clinic and the community.

Looking Ahead: A Vision for the Future

With a commitment to serve and uplift, the clinic has ambitious plans for the horizon. Initiatives are in the pipeline to introduce family counseling sessions and programs focusing on self-care and educare for the youth. The journey of the Narain Jeawon Clinic serves as a testament to the incredible progress possible when love, service, and community come together.


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