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South Africa - Kenville Medical Clinic | Durban Region

On Sunday, 10th March 2024, the Kenville Clinic at 47 Triumph Road, Kenville, was the site of a heartfelt and impactful Seva event hosted by the SSSC - Durban North. The event began at 07:00 AM, with a deep sense of humility and sincere gratitude to our dearest Bhagawan for granting the opportunity to serve at His Divine Lotus Feet.

This blessed Seva brought together the community in a beautiful act of service, where 150 community members were graciously served. The spirit of devotion and selflessness was palpable, as volunteers worked with love and dedication to ensure that each person felt valued and cared for.

The gratitude expressed by the community members and volunteers alike was a testament to the profound impact of the event. It was not just about providing services but also about fostering a sense of unity and compassion, creating a lasting bond among all participants.


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