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South Africa - Ladies Forum Seva Activities for September 2022

  • Sisters from the North Coast Region donated 50 sarees to less-fortunate ladies in the Verulam Community.

  • 50 Snack Packs were distributed to a school in Richards Bay – this was done by the North Coast Region. Each pack consisted of a banana, a fruit & nut mix, bottled water and a muffin.

  • For the month of September, a total of 1192 sandwiches were distributed across all Regions to schools, indigent and homeless recipients.

  • Our Sisters from all regions assisted with the packaging, distribution, and preparation of a total of 1115 hot meals.

  • 37 hampers were given to needy families.

  • On the 24th of September, the Westrand Region did a cleaning up seva at the Sai School in Lenasia South.

  • Ladies from the Durban Region presented crockery and clothing to families from the Quarry Heights Settlement. They also offered sanitary pads to secondary school girls.

  • Durban Region Sisters donated pre-owned sarees to TAFTA. This Region also hosted a Medical Camp on the second Sunday of the month in Kenville, where the Sisters served in all areas, ranging from Doctor to Kitchen support.

  • The South Coast Region held a very successful Wellness Clinic on the 4th of September. Sisters assisted with the clinic setup and were responsible for the preparation and serving of breakfast. Pink Drive was also in attendance of the event – this was to spread Breast Cancer Awareness.

  • The Western Cape Region held a Grama Seva in Cravenby and 7 Sisters assisted with the meal preparation and distribution of meals to 250 people. Ladies in this Region also donated 12 loaves of bread and 12 cans of beans to the homeless standing at traffic lights. They also donated fruit to the Wynberg Girls High School.

  • The Johannesburg Region distributed 105 Bottles of Grain in the Fourways Area, 30 hygiene packs and 30 beanies were distributed to Doorway To Dignity*. 50 Hygiene packs were distributed at Benoni Seva and 100 sanitary pads were donated to underprivileged girls in the area.

  • Sisters from Chatsworth Region 2 assisted at their Regional Sai Food Kitchen. This was done over two days – on the 24th of September, Sisters began with the cleaning of vegetables, and on the 25th where the meals were cooked and decanted. The Sisters were also responsible for the preparation and serving of breakfast for the Sevadals present, and the final clean-ups. Bayview Sai Centre did a feeding on the 11th of September with meals prepared from the rice grain offering that took place on the 1st. This distribution took place to the indigent in the Bangladesh area.

Other Activities

  • Chatsworth Region 2 held a Regional Women’s Month Collaborative Seva at the Aryan Benevolent Homes on the 27 August 2022. They had 50 residents in attendance and were addressed by Sister Kalyan, a Psychologist, Sister Vineshree, a Laughter Therapist. The Young Adults also played arole by interacting with the audience through games, quizzes, and musical chairs. It was a fun day and ended with a High Tea. Each resident received a hygiene pack that were put together by the centres from the Region. The Young Adults presented the residents with a book and pen to keep a daily journal for themselves - this was as a means of putting into a practice one of the lessons that Sister Kalyan gave during her psychological address.

  • Umhlatuzana Sai Centre (Chatsworth Region 2) held the Regional Ladies Day Program on the 10th of September. This was well attended by 78 devotees. The program included bhajans, talks, interactive value-based games and the ladies were treated to a High Tea.

On-Going Seva

  • Sandwich Seva to Schools in the area.

  • Breakfast items to Bobbi Bear.

  • Some Regions provide breakfast items to the Schools in their area.

  • Distribution of hygiene packs and sanitary pads.

  • Stitching of shopping bags.

  • Collections of Jars of Hope.


  • National Gayathri Mantra on 19th of every month continues at all Regions and the National Weekly Parayanam Tapovanam Reading.

  • Ladies engage in bhajans at Centre and Regional level, as well as Study Circles.

  • A Monthly Paduka Prayer is conducted in the Durban Region.

  • Daily Prayer for Healing.

  • Sisters are participating in talks, bhajans, etc. for Navaratri.

  • The Western Cape Region had a Laksarchana during September.

Go Green

  • Collection of bread clips and bottle caps by most Regions.

  • Some Regions are embarking on an E-Waste drive.

  • Making of eco-bricks.

  • Paper and can recycling.

  • Planting of Spekboom, tree, fruit and veggie gardens.

National Level:

  • Sisters and Brothers from all Regions joined in the weekly Parayanam Tapovanam Reading.

Jai Sai Ram


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