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South Africa - Love in Action: A Heartwarming Christmas Programme

This national project, a testament to "Love in Action," brought together over 500 students and Sevadals from three regions, creating a magnificent tapestry of service and joy. Among these, 320 children were directly touched by the divine love of Sai, receiving care, attention, and the warmth of community spirit in a display of pure compassion.

Blessed with beautiful weather, our gathering was a vivid reminder of Lord Sai's presence and blessings in our endeavors. This event was a beautiful confluence of dedication, unity, and divine grace, showcasing the remarkable impact of collective effort and shared love.

As we reflect on the success of the programme, we are filled with hope and gratitude. May Swami continue to bless you and your families, inspiring each of us to keep making a difference in the lives of our cherished children in Frasers. Through such endeavors, we reaffirm our commitment to serving with love, embodying the principles taught by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and enriching the world one heart at a time.


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