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South Africa - Love in Action: The Midrand Sai Sandwich Seva

The SSSE (Sathya Sai Spiritual Education) children of Midrand Sai, along with their caring families, embarked on a heartwarming journey of compassion and service that beautifully encapsulated the essence of ‘love in action’. Through a dedicated sandwich seva, each family lovingly prepared sandwiches with nourishing fillings of cheese or baked beans, a humble yet significant offering crafted by the children’s own hands.

This collective effort was not confined within the walls of their homes; it extended its reach to the bustling locations of Midway Mews and Carlswald. There, the children took the initiative to distribute the prepared sandwiches along with refreshing juices and water to the peace workers in the area. These workers, who contribute tirelessly to the community while seeking employment, were greeted with more than just a meal—they were offered a gesture of kindness, a sign of solidarity and respect for their daily endeavors.


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