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South Africa - Macassar Flood Relief Efforts

In the wake of devastating floods, the Western and Eastern Cape Region sprang into action, demonstrating profound solidarity through our relief program aimed at aiding the impacted community of Macassar.

Objective: The initiative focused on providing immediate relief to flood victims through hot meals, essential groceries, and clothing.

Outcomes: Our compassionate response addressed the urgent needs of the community facing the adversity of the Western Cape floods. With homes damaged and families displaced, taking refuge in community halls, the support extended was not just aid—it was a ray of hope.

Impact: The outreach saw approximately 420 meals delivered across Macassar, with 120 individuals served at the community hall, 80 in Sandvlei, and 220 in Smartie Town. This effort brought critical relief to around 200 displaced persons.

Support: The endeavor was fueled by 23 dedicated Sevadals from the Milnerton and Rylands Sai Centres, who came together in a powerful display of service and empathy.

Feedback: The heartfelt gratitude expressed by the recipients was overwhelming, highlighting the profound impact of these collective efforts.

Moving Forward: Engagements with the community hall manager revealed further needs, including mattresses, school uniforms, and bedding, charting the course for ongoing support. The spirit of 'Love All, Serve All' shines through the Region's commitment to not only address immediate challenges but to also foster resilience and recovery in the longer term.


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