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South Africa - Malikazi Sai Centre

On a beautiful Sunday morning, November 26, 2023, hearts and spirits were lifted in a grand celebration marking the 98th Advent of Sai. The day began with a soul-stirring chariot procession at 8 am, setting a tone of reverence and joy for the festivities that would unfold. The air was filled with the harmonious blend of devotion and jubilation, as devotees gathered to honor this auspicious occasion.

The event saw a vibrant showcase of talent and devotion, with the EHV children presenting bhajans and dance items that captivated all present. Their performances were not just a display of skill but a heartfelt offering of love and devotion, enriching the celebratory atmosphere with their innocence and enthusiasm.

In the spirit of selflessness and community service, the day was also marked by acts of kindness that touched the lives of many. Meals, symbolizing the warmth and nourishment of divine love, were shared among the gathered, with 50 loaves of bread distributed to ensure that no one left unfed. Additionally, 80 grocery hampers were distributed, each a bundle of care and support, aimed at bringing comfort and sustenance to families in need.

This event was a beautiful reminder of the unity and compassion that defines our community, with every gesture of giving echoing the teachings of Sai. As we came together to celebrate the 98th Advent of Sai, we not only commemorated a sacred day but also reinforced our commitment to serving and uplifting those around us.


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