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South Africa - Medical Camp Malagazi | South Coast Region

With Swami’s Divine Grace, the South Coast Region served the Community of Malagazi, and hosted a Medical Camp on the 29th of January 2023.

The Camp was held at the Malagazi Sai Centre – with the Centre President, Sister Michelle, and Brother Anil, being instrumental in serving the community with weekly Satsang and EHV Classes.

The Region assisted with Registering patients and Crowd Control during the event, as well as assisting with the arranging of Nurses and Doctors to provide their care.

The day began with Prayer and the setting up of the camp with Mobile Stations - this was vital as it allowed doctors to consult privately and confidentially. There was also a Pharmacy set up, with an area for Dispensing – this was carried out with the assistance of the National Medical Team.

The Camp was a great success with the following Statistics:

100 Patients Attended

4 Doctors

4 Pharmacists

8 Young Adult Pharmacist Assistants

3 Nurses

65 Sevadals

The community was extremely grateful to all healthcare workers involved, The Region has also made and kept a file of basic records for the patients – in the light of hosting future Medical Camps.

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