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South Africa - Narayana Seva in Parkridge

On the 28th of October 2023, the Western and Eastern Cape Region carried out the Narayana Seva initiative in Parkridge, extending its hand to approximately 100 community members with a heartfelt offering of food and fellowship.

With the night embracing the efforts of our devotees, they engaged in a labor of love, meticulously preparing the ingredients for the wholesome meals to be served the following day. The morning brought with it the harmonious sounds of chopping and stirring as the devotees cooked a nourishing curry, complemented by the sweetness of fresh fruit, especially for the children.

The service unfolded with the distribution of meals to the Parkridge community, witnessing the fruition of seva as nourishment reached both the body and the spirit of the recipients. The simple yet profound joy on the faces of those served spoke volumes of the initiative's deep impact.

The feedback from the beneficiaries was a chorus of gratitude. The hot meals, a symbol of care and concern, offered them comfort and a momentary respite from their adversities, for which they were deeply thankful.

This initiative stood as a beacon of hope and an example of how service transcends all barriers, truly embodying Bhagawan's message that "Service to man is service to God."

Jai Sai Ram.

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