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South Africa - National Ladies Forum Activities

Seva Activities

Sisters from across the Country assisted with the preparation of Snacks, Meals and Refreshments for the Celebration of Shivarathri – 18th February 2023.

1.| Roughly 2000 sandwiches were prepared by Sisters from all Regions and distributed to Schools, Old-Age & Children’s Homes, and the Needy for the month of February.

2.| Sisters from Chatsworth Region 1 assisted with their monthly Seva activities at the following venues: Bellhaven Homes, Cheshire Homes, Saligram Homes and at Hospitals, Clinics, and Schools in the area. They also provide hot meals to needy families in Shallcross, Northdene, Savannah Park, Marianhill, Chatsworth and Welbedacth on a weekly basis.

3.| Durban Region distributed 20 blankets to the homeless for February. The Sisters also assisted with the preparation of Disaster Buckets and the distribution of 20 Hampers to Needy Families. The Sisters assisted in the monthly Medical Camp at held at Kenville.

4.| In the Johannesburg Region, the Ladies assisted with the distribution of 320 x 5lt water to the Vredesdorp Pensioners. Second-hand clothing was distributed to a shelter in Fourways and Diepsloot Church. A total of 150 sanitary towels were distributed over January and February to Pad Princess and a Youth Centre in Diepsloot. The Sisters in this Region also assisted with the distribution of 10 canned beans, 10 packets of sugar beans, 2kg rice and 5 loaves of sandwiches in Harare.

5.| The Ladies from the Midlands Region assisted with a Cake Sale to raise funds for the TPA Primary School, as this is their venue for Balvikas Classes and their Blood Clinics. The Sisters baked and supplied various delicious treats and it was a very successful fundraiser.

6.| Belvedere Sai Centre, from the North Coast Region, supplied uniforms and shoes for a needy pupil from a school in the area. The Ladies have started with the crocheting of hats and making sock dolls for their upcoming Mother and Child Seva.

7.| Sisters from the Phoenix Region made up and distributed 55 hygiene packs for February.

8.| West Rand Region distributed 10 grocery hampers to indigent families for the month of February.

9.| A family from the Western Cape Region donated canned food items to be distributed in the Rylands area. Sisters in this Region are also collecting bread tags and bottle caps and they are doing this together with Ladies from Rylands Home Craft.

10.| Sisters from the South Coast Region supplied items and assisted with the preparation of breakfast for the Medical Camp held in Malagazi in January and for the Eye Clinic in February. Some of the Sisters that assisted were professional nurses and pharmacists. Sisters also assisted with the registration process.

On-Going Seva Activities

1.| Sandwich Seva to Schools and the Homeless in the area.

2.| Breakfast Items to Bobbi Bear.

3.| Some Regions provide Breakfast Items to the Schools in their areas.

4.| Distribution of Hygiene Packs and Sanitary Pads.

5.| Stitching of Shopping Bags.

6.| Collection of Jars of Hope.


1.| National Gayathri Mantra Chanting on the 19th of every month continues at all Regions, as well as the National Weekly Parayanam Tapovanam Reading.

2.| Ladies engage in Bhajans and Study Circles at Centre and Regional Levels.

3.| Daily Prayer for Healing.

4.| Likhit Japa – the pages used to wrap Vibhuti.

5.| Sisters from all Regions participated in Bhajans for Shivarathri, Shrine Set-up and the making of garlands.


1.| Collection of Bread Clips and Bottle Caps by most Regions.

2.| Collection of Glass Bottles for Jars of Hope.

3.| Some Regions are embarking on an E-Waste Drive.

4.| Making of Eco-Bricks.

5.| Paper and Can Recycling.

National Level:

1.| Sisters and Brothers from all Regions joined in the weekly Parayanam Tapovanam Reading, which commenced again for 2023 in February. There are currently 5 groups, each consisting of 18 readers.

2.| The National Ladies Team provided the meals and refreshments for the Eye Clinic hosted by Malagazi Sai Centre on the 26thof February 2023.


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