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South Africa - North Coast Region | SSSE Sadhana Camp 2023

On 16th September 2023, the tranquil air of La Mercy Community Hall hummed with the harmonious echoes of unity and spiritual upliftment. With heartfelt gratitude to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, it was a day dedicated to profound reflection and joyful communion as kindred devotees gathered from five centers across the North Coast Region for the SSSE Sadhana Camp. Embraced by the warm theme, “My Journey with Sai,” hearts blossomed and spirits soared in the gentle embrace of love and learning.

The day was a mosaic of soul-stirring activities, woven together by devoted devotees who served as program and technical directors. As the clock chimed 8:00, the air was suffused with the reverent vibrations of the Gayatri Hawan, segueing into the serene notes of the Suprabatham & Nagarsankeerthan.

In this graceful ambiance, a rich tapestry of presentations unfolded. The Balvikas learners and ex-learners, alongside gurus, parents, and devotees, including esteemed national, regional, and center presidents, brought to life a panorama of plays, dialogues, and fun activities. Inspirational messages and heartfelt testimonies echoed through the hall, painting vivid strokes of the positive impact of the Balvikas program. Each center wrapped their session with soulful bhajans, voices melding in a melodic hymn of unity and devotion.

Amid laughter and lightness, the gathering indulged in laughing yoga, a burst of joy rippling through young and old alike. The theme “My Journey with Sai” was tenderly unfurled, providing a beacon of enlightenment and guidance to the eager minds and hearts present. The event’s gentle crescendo led to the symbolic planting of 20 trees at La Mercy Community Hall, a living testament to the enduring growth and blooming of spiritual connections.

As the event concluded and the time neared 1:30, a sense of fulfillment and shared love enveloped each devotee. Balvikas learners departed with cherished bags, likhit japa books, sarva dharma key rings, and treats, tokens of a day imprinted in their hearts. Gurus, cradling their key rings and treats, carried with them the warmth of gratitude and the flame of shared wisdom.

In the whispers of leaves of the newly planted trees and in the echo of departing footsteps, the SSSE Sadhana Camp 2023 lovingly etched a chapter of spiritual journeying and collective growth. The Camp stood as a beacon, illuminating the path of “My Journey with Sai” for every blessed devotee present, leaving footprints of light on the sands of time.

Nagarsankeerthan – Balvikas Learners Lead singing

Play Entitled “Sai My Eternal Father”

Dialogue - “Never Tell A Lie”

Tree Planting


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