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South Africa - Ongoing Collection of Bottle Caps and Bread Tags: April 2024 | Western & Eastern Cape Region

The Bread Tags & Bottle Caps for Wheelchair Initiative is a heartfelt, community-driven campaign aimed at collecting bread tags and bottle caps to fund the purchase of wheelchairs for individuals in need. Recognizing the significant impact of mobility impairments and the financial burden of purchasing wheelchairs, this initiative seeks to provide a sustainable and compassionate solution.

Objective and Outcome

Many individuals with mobility impairments lack access to affordable wheelchairs, essential for their day-to-day functioning and quality of life. This initiative aims to alleviate this challenge by collecting bread tags and bottle caps, which are often discarded as waste. By recycling these items, the initiative not only supports the environment but also helps provide mobility aids to those in need.

Participants are encouraged to collect bread tags and bottle caps from their households and communities, which are then dropped off at designated collection points, such as local schools, community centers, or recycling centers. Partnering organizations sort, clean, and recycle the collected items, turning them into funds for wheelchairs. A total of 450 kg of bottle caps and 200 kg of bread tags are needed to purchase one wheelchair.

Progress in April 2024

This month, the Milnerton Sai Centre devotees contributed approximately 20 kg of bread tags and bottle caps. This ongoing effort demonstrates the community's commitment to supporting those in need and making a positive environmental impact.

The Bread Tags & Bottle Caps for Wheelchair Initiative embodies the spirit of collective effort and compassion, showing how small actions can lead to significant changes. The initiative continues to inspire and engage the community.


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