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South Africa - Sports Day | Pretoria and East Rand Region

On the 15th of October, the Pretoria and East Rand Region held a Sports Day. This was held at the Makgabeloane Primary School in the Northwest Province.

The School is special to the Region as:

It was established in 1931 and is situated in the rural area of Makgabeloane. Currently, the school caters for approximately 160 learners from Makgabeloane and the surrounding villages of Dikgophaneng, Jonathan and Rabosula. The school is also a Quintile One school – with only 7 permanent teachers and 2 temporary teachers employed. On average, the travel distance to the school is approximately 3km – with a clinic being near the school. Currently, the school is old and dilapidated and needs major renovations or a total demolition so that a new and secure building can be erected. The Region has been assisting the school since 2015.

The Sports Day would not have been a success without the dedication of Devotees from the core planning team. A Sincere ‘Thank You’ to all Devotees for their assistance, participation, and contributions to this beautiful and exciting Seva. The unity between East Rand and Pretoria Region was evident with the synergy of working together in order to make the event a success for all. The Seva was met with challenges; however, it was carried out and undertaken by all with enthusiasm and unity. There were approximately 60 Devotees in attendance.

The extreme commitment and dedication of the school – led by the Ward Councilor, Circuit Manager, Community Leader, Principal, Teachers, and Children are commendable and appreciated. The enthusiasm from all in attendance was a joyous sight to witness, and indeed, countless memories and bonds were made.

Jai Sai Ram

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