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South Africa - The Hillside Sai Centre's Ashram Revitalization

At the Hillside Sai Centre, a remarkable initiative took root in late August 2023, aimed at transforming a vacant space into a vibrant, multi-purpose area. This project, spearheaded by an average of 10 devoted sevadals per day, underscores the spirit of selfless service and community enhancement that the Centre embodies.

A Concrete Vision

The purpose of this endeavor was to create a versatile area that could accommodate a wide range of activities, from cooking and outdoor meetings to Youth and Balvikas (children's spiritual education) programs. By concreting this vacant space, the Centre envisioned a place where all members, including the Ladies, Youth, Balvikas, and Ashram dwellers, could come together in unity and purpose.

A Labour of Love

The concreting project began on August 27th, 2023, with the sevadals of the Centre lending their hands, hearts, and sweat to the task. Despite the physical challenges that come with such manual labor, the volunteers were driven by a profound sense of dedication and the grace of their faith. This labor of love was not only about laying concrete but also about laying the foundation for future gatherings, learning, and spiritual growth.

Community Support and Impact

The impact of this project extends beyond the physical transformation of the space. It has fostered a sense of community and cooperation among the Centre's members. The Mahila (women's) wing has played a pivotal role in supporting the sevadals, providing nourishing meals to sustain them through their hard work.

This initiative at the Hillside Sai Centre is a testament to what can be achieved through collective effort and spiritual motivation. It highlights the importance of creating spaces that serve multiple purposes, enriching the spiritual and communal life of the Centre. As the project progresses, it continues to be a source of inspiration, demonstrating the tangible benefits of volunteerism and the enduring strength of community spirit.


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