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South Africa - Unity Seva: Distribution of Water, Hot Meals, and Grocery Hampers | North Coast Region

In a heartwarming display of unity and service, devotees from the North Coast, Chatsworth, and Johannesburg came together for a noble Seva. This initiative involved the distribution of essential items to various communities in need.

Details of the Distribution:

Items Distributed:

  • 15 hundas of breyani

  • Grocery hampers

  • Samp

  • 5-liter bottled water

Beneficiary Communities:

  • Frasers

  • Belvedere

  • Flamingo Heights

  • Heaven of Rest

  • Low-cost homes in Plein St (Tongaat)


Approximately 30 sevadals participated in this Seva, demonstrating Sai excellence through their dedication and hard work. The efforts were blessed by Swami, reflecting the spirit of coming together as one Sai family with commitment, enthusiasm, and love.

Such initiatives not only provide essential support to those in need but also embody the teachings of selfless service and unity. The blessings received from Swami inspire continued efforts to serve the community with love and compassion.


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