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South Africa - Vedic Chanting with the Young Hearts

In the serene halls of learning, the weekly Vedic chanting lessons continue to resonate, with four children, six Gurus, and one parent steadfastly preserving the ancient echoes of wisdom. The regional class, a tapestry of eager young minds and guiding spirits, has triumphantly completed learning three chants, a testament to their dedication and the profound bond of knowledge transmission between teacher and student. As they stand on the threshold of welcoming a new chant in March 2024, there is a palpable excitement in the air, a reverence for the timeless teachings they are set to receive.

On the auspicious occasion of 08 March 2024, the Pretoria region Balvikas children and Guru participated in the regional Mahashivarathri function at Wingate Sai Centre, a night steeped in spiritual solemnity and divine love. In the luminous presence of Bhagavan’s lotus feet, the children and Gurus offered their divine petals of love through Veda chants and spiritually elevating bhajans. This offering was more than a performance; it was a heartfelt expression of devotion, a melody of the soul seeking oneness with the divine, leaving an indelible impression of peace and sanctity on all present.


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