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South Africa - Vegetable Seva

In the heart of the Khayelitsha community, the Western and Eastern Cape Region continues its mission to feed the hungry and uplift the spirits with its ongoing Vegetable Seva program.

Objective: The initiative seeks to provide a helping hand to families by offering them fresh vegetables and staples like maize meal or rice.

Outcome: Every month, the program reaches out to ensure that those in need receive not just food, but also the warmth of care and community support, addressing both physical hunger and emotional well-being.

Beneficiaries: On each occasion, five families benefit from this Seva, receiving essential food items that help sustain.

Support: The success of the Vegetable Seva rests on the shoulders of the dedicated Khayelitsha Sai Centre conveners and devotees, whose tireless efforts make this service possible.

This Seva is more than just a food distribution program; it's a symbol of hope and solidarity. As the vegetables and grains nourish the families, the selfless love and service of the volunteers nourish their faith in humanity. It is through initiatives like these that the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation reinforces its commitment to making a difference, one meal and one family at a time.


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