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South Africa - Veterinary Clinic at Frasers

On 17th September 2023, amidst the gentle embrace of Sarasvati Primary School in Frasers, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, a beacon of hope and service shined for our beloved four-legged friends. Hosted by the generous hearts from the North Coast, Phoenix, and Durban Regions, the event was a beautiful testament to community, care, and commitment.

Under the proficient guidance of caring medical practitioners and seamlessly coordinated by dedicated organizers, the day unfolded in a symphony of cooperation and mutual respect. A squad of 53 devoted volunteers, including the families and helpers from various practices, made this wonderful event possible. The unwavering CERT team ensured everyone's safety and first aid needs.

The day dawned with warm breakfast for the volunteers, generously provided by the Durban and Phoenix Region. An uplifting opening prayer and welcoming words by the coordinators set a tone of unity and purpose. In a heartfelt address, the significance of addressing the rabies epidemic was underscored, highlighting the critical need for timely and adequate management.

Despite the whispers of inclement weather, the team persevered, treating 70 pets including dogs, cats, and even a monkey. Each pet lovingly received vaccinations, vaccination cards, de-worming tablets, and nourishing pet food. Those facing skin conditions were tenderly cared for, receiving the necessary treatment to bring back their joyful vitality. As pet owners departed, they were offered refreshing fruit and soft drinks, a sweet note to end their visit.

As we look ahead, we carry the uplifting spirit of service, eager to bring the blessing of Pet Seva to other regions in our beautiful country. In the face of challenges and against the winds of the storm, the seeds of service and love sown on this day will surely blossom into a garden of hope and healing in the communities we serve.


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