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South Africa - Wellness Clinic | KwaZulu-Natal

With Swami’s Divine grace the region engaged in a wellness clinic on the 4th of September 2022 at the Settlers Primary School in Merebank

The following centres hosted the below stations with amazing presentations and information

Hillside Sai Centre – Free Sugar and Pressure Testing

SANBS - Blood Grouping and Iron building

Isipingo Sai Centre – Healthy Juices

Merebank Sai Centre- Jyothi Meditation

Bluff Sai Centre- Sound Therapy ( Bhakti Yoga)

PortShepstone Sai Centre- Go Green ( Healthy plants, Solar Energy)

National – Laughter Yoga by Br Deven

Pink Drive – Breast Cancer Awareness by Janice

National- Diabetes and General Healthcare by Sister Elsie

We had 94 devotees including Sevadals that attended the clinic, devotees enjoyed the bring and share Breakfast with the region providing lunch thereafter.

The clinic was well received by devotees who took advantage of the information and benefits shared.

Areas of concern: Most devotees tested high in Sugar and Pressure, Sister Elsie has handed out information on how to control this with everyday lifestyle

Information about a free clinic soon to open was also shared for devotees to come through for further consulting.

In closing a large donation was made to the school from a devotee to aid in building their sports centre.

Gratitude goes out to Bhagawan for this blissful day and to all that presented and participated.

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