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South Africa - Women's Month Seva Activities

  • Sisters from the Durban Region pampered residents from the Cesca Homes with manicures, gifts, and High Tea on Sunday the 28/08/2022.

  • In the Pretoria Region, the Sisters assisted the Seva Wing with the packing of 7000 hot meals.

  • Across the various Regions, 1092 sandwiches were distributed to schools and the needy for the month of August.

  • A total of 232 grocery hampers were distributed for the month and 400 hot meals.

  • Sisters from Chatsworth Region 2 used the rice grains offered on the 4th of August 2022, to prepare meals for feeding on the 14th of August, which took place at the Bangladesh Market parking lot in Chatsworth.

  • 272 hygiene packs were distributed amongst Regions for August. Of these, 22 were distributed by the sisters of Chatsworth Region 2, together with a snack pack, to victims of rape and abuse who testify in court. Along with the hygiene packs, they also distributed a crocheted Bumblebee as a symbol of comfort. The bumblebee signifies Hope, Perseverance, Courage and Determination to Rise again.

  • Sisters from Chatsworth Region 2 assisted the Seva Wing in the Regional Sai Food Kitchen on the 20th of August with the cleaning of vegetables and on the 21st of August, where they prepared breakfast for the Sevadals.

  • The Sisters from the Johannesburg Region distributed 50 handbags, which included ladies’ essential items to those in need. They also distributed 100 vegetable packs in Lenasia, and they gave out stationery to 70 youth at the YD Organisation.

  • In the Western Cape, the sisters contributed 22 blankets towards the Winter Blanket Seva.

  • 225 sanitary pads were distributed to ladies in need for the month of August.

Other Activities: Frasers Paediatric Clinic

  • A Paediatric Clinic was held for the community of Frasers at the Saraswathi Primary School on the 21 August 2022.

  • The Ladies Wings from the Durban, North Coast and Phoenix Regions provided the breakfast items and assisted with the serving of breakfast for the patients, mothers, doctors and Sevadals.

  • These 3 Regions also contributed items for the hygiene packs.

  • The Sisters from Durban Region contributed 130 Jars of Hope.

On-Going Seva Activities

  • The Sandwich Seva to Schools.

  • Breakfast items to Bobbi Bear.

  • Some Regions providing breakfast items to Schools in their areas.

  • Distribution of hygiene packs and sanitary pads.

  • Stitching of shopping bags.

  • Collection of Jars of Hope.


  • National Gayathri Mantra on the 19th of every month continues at all Regions and the National weekly Parayanam Tapovanam Reading.

  • Ladies engage in Bhajans at Centre and Regional levels, as well as Study Circles.

  • A Monthly Paduka Prayer is conducted in Durban Region.

  • Daily Prayer for healing.

  • The Sisters at the Durban Region did a Goshala visit to the Goshala in the Seatides/Westbrook area and did a shrine set-up. They also partook in the Abhishekam.

Go Green

  • Collection of bread clips and bottle caps by most Regions.

  • Some Regions are embarking on an E-Waste drive.

  • Making of eco-bricks.

  • Paper and Can recycling.

  • Planting of Spekboom, tree, fruit and veggie gardens.

National Level

  • Sisters and Brothers from all Regions joined in the weekly Parayanam Tapovanam Reading.

  • The National Ladies Team contributed the juices toward the breakfast packs.

  • The Team assisted with stitching the bags to be used for the hygiene packs which were distributed to the mothers, and also contributed to the sanitary pads.

Frasers Seva


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