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SSSGC Zone 1- Canada’s Easwaramma Day Retreat:

Canada’s Easwaramma Day Retreat: A Divine Experience

On May 28, the SSSGC-Canada National Team hosted a 12-hour Easwaramma Day retreat at the Scarborough Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Devoted to the Divine Mother’s “Holiness,” the day was filled with spiritual activities, keeping participants fully engaged and connected to Swami throughout!

Early morning Aumkaram, Suprabhatam, and Nagar-sankeerthan, reminiscent of Prasanthi Nilayam, set the tone for the day, with the outside chill subsumed under the warmth of the Lord’s name sung in unison. A rich schedule followed, including:

  • Jyoti meditation and Study Circle – Path to Truth

  • Vedam chanting

  • SSSE bhajans and a musical offering

  • Panel: How to be “near and dear” to God, a thoughtful, heart-warming discussion leaving participants feeling the presence of Swami

  • Spiritual games/fun activities throughout the day.

A particular highlight was the speech on the Chosen Mother by Dr. Axay Kalathia, Zone 1 Chair, who graced the occasion in person as the day’s Special Guest.


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