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SSSGC Zone 1- SaiLights Magazine

SaiLights Volume 3 reports on new and ongoing activities at the zonal, regional, and center levels, all aimed at “Shining His Light on the World,” to quote from the SaiLights logo. Highlights include the creation of the Sri Sathya Sai Global Council Foundation to facilitate urgent support for humanitarian and other needs across the world; and the development of a Sai “Awareness Course” to expand understanding of Swami’s teachings. Also presented are inspiring and multifarious updates on center-level activities in the areas of Service, Spiritual Education, Devotion, and Young Adults endeavors, which show our deepening desire as a Sai family to put into practice Swami’s Divine Teachings. The Guru Poornima volume contains, in addition, loving letters of Gratitude to Swami—from you!

Download PDF • 14.50MB


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