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SSSGC Zone 1-West Indies: Sri Sathya Sai 98th Birthday Celebrations

The Sri Sathya Sai Global Council of Trinidad and Tobago observed Bhagwan’s 98th Birth Anniversary with a beautiful and divine offering in the form of a Satsangh and thereafter conducted a Seva Activity with children that make up’s Community EHV class in a remote village.

Approximately fifty devotees attended the satsangh which included Vedam Chanting, the offering of the 108 names of Swami , a truly powerful divine and energizing devotional singing session followed by an inspiring birthday message by Bhagwan himself.

The atmosphere was charged with positive divine vibrations.

One could feel Swami’s divine presence throughout. The Unity, Love, and camaraderie amongst the devotees was simply joyful and inspiring.

A Human Values program was conducted at a remote village in Carlsenfield Trinidad on Sunday November 26th in honour of Swami’s 98th birthday.

Program was held between 2.00pm to 4.00 pm and included more than 95 participants, 3 of whom ( Fize Mohammed, Vishnu Soogrim and Gaitree Marajh) are trained EHV teachers who conducted interactive HV activities with the children. Topics were Right Action and Love.

Activities included: interactive values based games, singing and musical chairs with values song.

Human Values activities books were given to each child together with a bag of healthy snacks, fruit juice and fruits, with a wrapped vegetable roti and drinks. Also cake and ice cream was served to all present.

Take Away Lessons were:

Good Chances: Don’t let good opportunities slip away.

When you get an opportunity to do something, grasp it as if it’s gone, it wouldn’t come by again.

Click here to view the Birthday Celebrations Video


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